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Kids build confidence, gain strength, flexibility, and learn amazing skills in our Muay Thai Program


Our Muay Thai Classes Build Benefits for Life



Our classes build strength in a real, functional way that benefits children of all ages



Training in Muay Thai and Kickboxing gives kids laser-like focus. They'll have the ability to have sustained patience at will, and they'll benefit from it for life. 



Confidence isn't just a buzzword, it's what we do. Your child will build deep, unshakeable confidence that they'll take everywhere they go.

Limited Class Spaces

- Enroll ASAP

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Kids need programs like Maryville Muay Thai now more than ever...

20.4% of Kids

Of American children are obese or are at risk for obesity

To help fight and prevent Obesity, kids need to move! The reality though is that our lives aren't set up for movement. With 7+ hour seated school days and busy parent work schedules, it's tough to keep modern kids healthy

8M U.S. Kids

Lead sedentary lives

It's too easy for kids now days to become sedentary and carry that into adulthood. Muay Thai and Kickboxing can be a lifelong activity for kids, and can fight the seemingly inevitable march of adult onset health issues

40% of Adults

Almost half of Adults are sedentary

More and more it seems inevitable that as kids grow into adults, they slow down and become unhealthy. It doesn't have to be this way, but we have to create healthy movement habits before it's too late.

Traditional Sports vs. Maryville Muay Thai

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Typographic Black History is American Hi

Take advantage of our no-strings-attached trial offer.

You'll see for yourself just how amazing your child could be. 

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